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16/9/2022 He's a Private Dancer

After a enforced year off, due to covid, it was good to be back. Another wonderful weekend catching up with old friends.

A great contest ending with Mick Dancer on top and being presented with the  maroon jacket for the second time.

2022 we will be returning to a populate venue , Greetham Valley.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon, as long as I can find my clubs.

More to come....

19/05/2019 Howes That!

Another successful excursion back to the Wiltshire Golf Club, resulted in Tim Howes winning the coveted maroon jacket after 12 years of trying.  The second happiest person in the society was Ian Cheshire whose continued faith in Tim, betting on him every year, finally paid out.

In the Challenge trophy the Rest of the World (All Blacks) won back the trophy winning 4-3. The victory may have even spurred the captain into action as new shirts may be arriving after 10 + years of waiting. BTW congratulations to those who still fit in their shirts (Ahem Ian Neal).

Great thanks once again to Alan Bentley and his team of elves that ensure the weekend runs so smoothly. The Wiltshire hosted well again, bar opening and closing times aside, although that didn't prevent Darren having his usual mishap.

All going well see you next year for our 19th outing,  unless it clashes with my  "Britain's got (a little bit of) talent" audition.

Alan is suggesting a trip abroad in 2021 (20th Anniversary of the BnB) so you all have enough time to start preparing your partners.

Grant out *mic drop*

9/5/2019 Better late than Webster

On the eve of this years weekend I thought it would be an idea to post the result from last year.  So here it is congratulation Webbo on his second title 14 years, that makes me feel old, since his first victory.

The Treble Fores where victors in the challenge cup on the Saturday.

We are returning to the Wiltshire and a lot of money will be on Darren and people should be feeling confident until 00:01 on Saturday morning when he is still drinking with Lorne, Axe and Ash.  All bets on him will then be as likely to pay out as Darren is to find a toilet to urinate in at 3:00 am.

See you all bright an early tomorrow morning.

19/04/2018 Wiltshire ere we come

It seems like it was just over a year ago when we celebrated David's victory at the Abbotsley.  This year it is a new venue Back to the full compliment of 28, with a last minute replacement. 

Let's hope the weather we are having this week last until next weekend.

Hope you have all paid the balance, which is now due unless your name starts with a g.

See you all on the 27th for your free Bacon roll, I think.

Don't forget that anyone can upload photos on this site and to log into the whatsapp group.

16/05/2017 Lloyd Banks His First Win

On only his second attempt, ex military man, David Lloyd ended the weekend at Abbotsley Golf Course with a respectable 80 points and was presented the Maroon Jacket by last years champion Carl Fredricksen.  Scoring 20 points on the final 9 holes on Sunday meant that David beat the overnight leader Jimmy Francescelli* on countback. 

Sunday saw some fantastic matches in the Challenge cup with the All Black beating the Treble Fores (plus 1) by 4 points to 3. No group photo though,  thanks Barry C and Carl!

A huge thanks you to the staff at Abbotsley especially Jane for looking after us.  I know I speak for everyone in thanking Alan Bentley for all his efforts before and during the weekend and those that help him out. 

Hopefully we will be returning the the full compliment of 28 next year details to be released as soon as Alan has them.

Finally please do log in to this site and that will allow you to  upload photos and comment on them.  I will be posting the scores from the weekend and adding a bit more content over the coming months.   


*It's a miracle if that is correct


09/05/2017 Abbotsley Here We Come

For the third time Abbotsley  Golf Club, nr St Neots Cambridgeshire, will host the Bogies and Birdies Annual Golf weekend.  Twenty six players will battle it out to win the coveted Maroon jacket.  Can Ian Neal be the first player to retain the jacket or will Rob Burgess take it for a fifth time?  A lot of money will be put on the Bentleys just because there is so many of them. The safe bet is that Darren and Richard will be last to go to bed every night.

The Weather for Friday is wet with a possibility of lightning later in the afternoon, but we should see the sun on Saturday and remain dry and be warm for the rest of the long weekend.

See you Friday the first beers on you.

PS Shame on those of you that left  the "Whatsapp" group. 

14/05/2016 Ian's Once, Twice, Three times a Champion

Another weekend has come to an end with Ian Neal becoming the individual champion for the 3rd time, beating Barry Webster in count back. " no by one point they counted wrong" Barry's excuse for missing a foot putt on the last hole.

It was an amazing weekend with wonderful weather, food, company and occasionally golf.

There is one person who is always the real star of the show, no not me, that's of course Alan Bentley. We are also very grateful to all those that help him out before and during the weekend.

Keep posting your golf achievements and any funny stories from on the whatsapp bnb group and please sign in to this site and upload you photos. Barry Webster is arranging news shirts so will be in touch for sizes in the coming months.

The next venue has been chosen and I believe everyone is hoping to be there. So until then keeeeep golfing *swinging golf club action*

18/04/2016 Just over two weeks to go

The site had been frozen for inactivity but I have managed to get them to reinstate it yesterday. I'll try and update the content before we meet.

The countdown has begun, it won't be long until we descend upon Hellidon Lakes Golf & Spa Hotel for the next instalment of the BnB golf society tour.

Watch this space :)

25/04/2015 Barry Mills wins for the first time.

A new champion was crowned in 2015. Apologies for the late posting and the site being down for over a year. The Winner was Barry Mills this may be the start of a couple of defences as we know Barry likes to do everything three times.

The really good news, no it's not that I didn't attend, is that the Treble Fores have eventually won back the coverted Challenge Trophy, yes probably because I didn't play. Congratulations to the substitute captain Adam Reynolds.  

29/04/2014 Robbie IV

After a great weekend of golf Mr Burgess emulated his first win at Wensum Valley in 2003 to win the Individual competition for a Fourth Time with a respectable 80 points. Coming second and third were Mick Dancer and Mark Eva two shots behind the champion.

The weekend ended with the BnB challenge trophy and although the competition was closer than usual the outcome was the same, as the previous four years, with the All Blacks triumphing 4-3 over the Treble Fores.

The biggest thank you, as always, goes to Alan Bentley and his crew of helpers.

Photos and scores will be uploaded shortly and I now have all your emails (thanks Alan) so will make you all members of this site so you can add photos if you have any and may get updates if anyone add stuff..

Also we now have a facebook group site. I do need to invite you so please email me if you want to join.

To some I will see you soon others see you next year.

Breezer Lime :)

21/04/2014 Roll on Friday

Less than a week to go and about time I posted on the website.

I will add some photos although anyone can do so once you register as a member of this site.  Also most of the photos are taken by Gordon so I have left him a message so hopefully more may be added.

For those looking to be putting on the Marron jacket on Sunday it's worthwhile checking out this video from the the Motocaddy Master 2012 to get some pointers on the course.

Robert Burgess won the first of his three Jackets back in 2003 when we last visited the Wensum Valley course.

Three newbies join us this year, including Mark and Adam Reynolds father John.

Weather reports seems to indicate quite a few April showers but hopefully not as cold as last year.

See you on Friday






29/04/2013 He's Electric..... Congrats Sparky

It appears that my one round last year before playing the BnB weekend was over doing it no wonder I was a little worn out at the end of it.  It appears Marks training regime of not touching your clubs for a year and then drinking lots of breezers during the final 27 holes may be adopted by a few more players, not! 

It was the closest event yet with three people finishing on the same best score, with Sparky winning on count back. It wasn't the warmest weekend but we stayed, mainly, dry and some of the younger players(me) only needed three layers.  Greetham was even better than last time. The courses and the staff were fabulous and we didn't even miss the putting mat.

A further congratulations to the Rest of the World (All Blacks) for retaining the Challenge trophy for the forth year. Thanks to Alan and those who support him before and during the weekend and to the rest of us who turn up drink, chat, play golf and drink some more.

Quote of the weekend "Where's my Pants!" Darren Bentley waking up after another late night.

See you all next year.


P.S Hope the newbies liked it I have some initial ideas for nicknames: 
Dave "I'm sure that was my ball" Mills
Ian "I miss Dave" Cheshire 


09/04/2013 UPDATE!!!

****Note from Alan******
Can you all pay the outstanding balance which was due a month in advance. Hopefully Alan has called you and you have all paid now.

Also I have updated the daily scores page with 2004-2012 (excluding 2006 which I didn't attend and don't have the sheets for) and the trophy room with all the winners details I have.

I have done a summary to show total points scored since 2004 (excl 2006)  Lorne(I never play well) Bentley came out top 1 point ahead of Alan, who if he reads this will be frantically looking for the 2006 sheets!

I have sorted them by the average scores (minimum 4 appearances) and Barry Cockley come up top with an impressive 79.14 points average. 

08/04/2013 It's Been A While!!

Dear Golfers and Gordon (club photographer)

Firstly a quick apology , not heart felt, I suggested I would do a monthly update but due to not having anything to write about, that you would be interested in hearing about, and doing lots of things, that you wouldn't be interested in hearing about,  I didn't, and from the feedback no one checked anyway!

With just under three weeks to go until we descend upon Greetham Valley we are all praying for a temperature increase and a dry weekend.  We are back down to four days with the Challenge cup on the Monday after which I hope we can have a group photo. BEIGE!!  

I know we are all looking forward to meeting up again, all 28 of us, greeting a couple of newbies and welcoming back Barry Cockley.

Last year Champion Robbie B has returned the sought after maroon jacket ready for a new champion...will it be you.

I have uploaded the daily scores for 2007 onwards, more updates to come.

Lastly Gordon we don't expect you to do much but where the F&@k are last years photos!!

See you all soon :)


13/05/2012 Robert The Third

Congratulations to everyone on another amazing weekend care of Mr Bentley and Co.  Robert Burgess  won the trophy and coveted maroon jacket for the third time. He played three steady rounds and pulled back three shots to edge out Dom Golding on a count back, who also finished with a respectable 73 points, on what was a very tough course.

Other noticeable mentions go out to the Texas Scramble winners, Alan B, Mark T, Paul and Barry M who retained their crown,  Lorne who managed to end up forth after playing badly every day, and Barry M for coming a respectable 3rd place 5 points behind first and second.

The course was tough but enjoyable the facilities adequate and the staff and food exceptional.

Also our thoughts are with Barry C and his family and we look forward to a swift return 

Gallery and Trophy Room soon to be updated.

See you next year :)


P.S. happy surfing

01/05/2012 Just Over A Week To Go!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. The proposed mid month updates just never happened.  In my defence my wife decided we should look to move to a new house in January and we just moved in on 1st April so life's been hectic for me, oh yeah I also just turned 40 so I am hoping my handicap may go up, Alan?

A few messages: 

Mark's (Sparky)better half had a baby boy back in March,  please celebrate by buying him a drink as Sian has spent his beer money on nappies and a new pram. 

Mark (Twinkle) completed the London Marathon, which was far easier than not drinking for a whole month leading up to the 26 mile run.

For those he didn't know Darren became a grandad, finally the grey hairs seem to fit.

Sure there is something I have missed but you can remind me next Friday.

16/12/11 Monthly Updates Until We Go...

... well no guarantees but we'll see. Any info you want me to add please email me at

We return from whence we came so Farthingstone beware as the 11th Bogies and Birdies Golf tour returns to Northampton.

Hopefully all deposits have now been paid and people are starting to plan out the excuses for the extra day and how we are going to drink all four pints each night!!!!

I'll try and get the full score sheets from Alan and load these up on the results page 

Good News: I will be returning 
Bad News: We still haven't had any hot twenty year old girls asking to come along!! 

See you all Soon another post mid Jan!!! 

P.S Gordon where are all last years photos get them uploaded!!

10/5/11 Celebrations ForLorne

He doesn't like to complain but it's been ten years and it's about time he claimed the Jacket, already won by his big brother. This year's winner Lorne Bentley started with a strong score and maintained his momentum on the Saturday to take the coveted maroon jacket.  He wore the jacket with pride all Sunday Night and most of Monday morning and enjoyed the bells added by last year's champion, Mick Dancer. 

Overall the venue, food and courses were great, albeit a little pricey, and as usual everyone had a good time. 

Quick Updates: 

Richard and Darren are currently touring as the "Four Spoon Duo" although they are still trying to work out the words.

Alan B is looking for his "ability to play golf" that he lost Friday lunchtime, if found please return it to him by Saturday as he has a medal.

For those concerned Barry C garden is nearing completion after his swift returned to oversee the final stages on Monday morning.

If you have lost a cushion there are a few lads who may have it tucked under there shirts please contact me and I will pass on your details.

Anyone requiring a cheaper lunchtime option should visit the recently opened "Crows Nest" located out on the course, Sandwiches and Hula hoops just in stock at reasonable prices.

Congratulations to Gary and Louises who have just flown to the Maldives thanks to Lorne's kind donations 

Finally apologies to the lady in room 304 who was unable to sleep Sunday night and was up watching the fight, boys will be boys!  


Photos are up

03/05/11 2011 Brochure uploaded

Alan sent the brochure through so if you haven't received it or have lost it you can view it here.

See you all on Thursday

04/04/2011 The Countdown Begins

It's been a while and the Brochures are now out so time to start the friendly banter (Baz and Gordon excluded).

If you haven't got your brochure yet  I will be getting them via the interweb from the event organiser, thanks Dee, and will upload it so you can check out the format, room shares and try to work out the joker rules again!! 

If you're a member remember to sign in before you add any comments, and if you want to become a member of the site just go to "sign in" from the guest book page and you can register your details, no fee required but feel free to buy me a pint on the weekend. 

06/10/2010 2011 Venue Announced!!!

Alan has scoured Britain for a location to better last year and decided upon Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel Golf & Spa , Shropshire.   The break will start a day earlier on Thursday 5th May 2011, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary, and end on Monday 9th May 2011 

Details about the Venue can be found on their website

Hope to see you all there!

19/04/10 Rudolf's No Longer Number 1, Dancer leads the pack

Congratulations to Mick Dancer who beat 27 fine gentlemen, this weekend, to claim the title on his 9th attempt.  He has also set the standard for future winners by going to bed around 3 a.m. Monday morning, now that's how to celebrate.

Thanks to Alan and the staff at Greetham, especially a certain young lady (no not the screamer from 102) for making it a fantastic weekend. 

Photos are up, Hopefully Gordon will add some more. I will put all the results up on on the trophy cabinet page very soon.

Finally a big hug for Mr Eva who let the prize slip though his grip on the final day a few detox days required for Darren who had a couple of tough mornings :) and  well done Adam Reynolds who managed to get some sleep for the first time, not sure why ;)

 Roll on the Big One Oh

24/03/10 2010 Brochure is here!

Here it is in two parts bnb2009a.pdf  bnb2009b.pdf  you will need adobe reader, which generally is on most PCs or just a free download, if it isn't.

I have also created a 2010 Brochure Page slightly easier to look at. There have been amendments to the Handicaps listed on the brochure page and below.

Lorne Bentley 13
Rob Burgess 14
Gordon Clarke 16
Mark Eva 15
Jimmy F 9 -Thanks Mick!
Paul Willows 13

24/03/10 Less than a Month to go.

Hopefully you have all paid the final Balance and are just waiting for the weekend to come.

We have been pestering Alan for the BnB brochure and as soon as we have it I will post the information on the site.

A quick congratulations to Mr Clarke who became a father, for the first time last month.  He has posted a pic of his beautiful daughter in the gallery.

Remember all signed up website users can upload their own pictures, if you need further info give me a shout!

Webmaster Pyper!! 

26/09/09 All Blacks win!!!!

Congratulations to the All Blacks for  finally winning back the Challange cup from the Treble Fores.

Thanks to Barry Webster for arranging the whole event, Thorney Park for arranging  the sunshine on a ever improving course and every one for turining up and making it a great day.

Big Shout out to Jimmy who played a great match against Alan B after only a few hours sleep as he was on a night shift, that's dedication for you!

I know this was mentioned by a few people, and I agree,  that it may be good to continue this "end of the summer BnB event". Mainly because people can't wait a whole year to see me again! We could use this event to finalise details and allow Alan to pass out any literature for the main event. I'm sure we can discuss this during the year.

25/09/09 2010 Venue Choosen

Alan has found a new venue for next years event. Greentham Valley in Rutland, Leciestershire

"Greetham Valley is simply a superb venue to stay and play. With 45 glorious holes of golf, a luxurious Clubhouse, our contemporary

AA 3* Hotel and new eco-friendly 4* Lodges, what more could a golfer wish for?" - Their words not mine

Hopefully you have all recieved your letters explaining that this year we all must pay our deposits individually

Contact Gilly Ward on 01780 460623 to pay the £83.00 by 9th October.  The remainder of 250.50 MUST then be paid in advance by the 10th March 2010.

Address: Wood Lane Greetham Oakham Rutland LE15 7SN  
Telephone: 01780 460444   


05/05/09 Neal before your King

A little extreme so maybe just a quick congratulations will suffice.  The winner of the first BnB competition has taken the Singles event again with an amazing 41 points on the Saturday and 20 points on Sunday.  Dom Golding came up short on the last day, joining Alan and Gordon,  after leading from Friday through to Saturday but still came a more than respectable second.

Pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery but am awaiting the Photos from Gordon from Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully we can all meet later on in the year to play the Challenge Cup Treble Fores +2 v All Blacks (ROTW).  If not see you all next year.

NB Please can you email me you email address and mobile numbers I have mislaid the document we filled out.  I blame the rain!!


21/4/09 Handicaps Revised

There has been some further changes to the Handicaps based on changes to club handicaps and reductions from last year as follows:

Last Year Cuts
A.Bentley (7) 6 
R.Burgess (16) 14
G.Bentley (20) 17
I.Neal (17) 15
D.Golding (16) 15 

Official Club Handicaps
B.Mills (20) 19  
B.Webster (12) 11

( )previous handicaps

I have amended these details on the 2009 Brochure page as well.

NB These have been edited 22/4/09 A.Davie removed Handicap reset to 18

19/4/09 Bigger, Faster, Stronger

With less than a week to go and an extra 4 competitors it's time to get excited.  28 men will tee of Friday Lunchtime but there can be only one overall winner.  Will it be a third title for Mr Burgess or will we see a new name on famous Maroon jacket.

I have added some photos from 2004 so please check them out and feel free to leave comments.

See you all there!

10/4/09 BnB Brochure Page

Alan emailed me the Brochure so I have added a new 2009 BnB Brochure page with all the details of the weekend.

Just a quick reminder that you can now add comments against photos.  Webbo and Gordon you are banned from commenting on each other photos!!

Only two weeks to go!

9/4/09 More Photos Added

I went online to add the order of play details, for those of you who haven't got the paperwork yet, but realised I left my copy at work.  If Alan emails me a copy I will add it to the site this weekend.

Anyway I decided to load lots of photos from the last few years.  Enjoy!

27/3/09 Where's my Paperwork

Less than a month to go so I guess a few words is called for.  I shall keep it clean unlike the heart felt post of Mr Clarke in the guestbook.

If you haven't received the Paperwork yet don't worry Alan's PA is slightly over worked.  I'm sure they'll be ready in early May.

The Darts Team went away last weekend to Donnington Grove Nr Newbury.  The course was challenging, especially on the legs. We had great weather and the food and facilties were great.  If anyone esle is interested check out the website - currently under construction.

I have added a few photos of the weekend on a New "Other Album" page. I think you'll all agree Barry and Darren make a lovely couple. Also there is now a new look Photo Gallery containing all the photos

Anyway I may get one more post in before the weekend please add comments to the guest book and see all 27 of you there.

Grant "Webmaster" Pyper
Birthday the 28th of April "hint hint"

4/6/08 Individual Photos

I have added everyones individual photos for this year click on the picture to show then click again to enlarge.

There is a new caption competition on the quiz page and another question if you provide an answer feel free to suggest a new question.


2/6/08 New Web Address and New Arrival

After all the noise people made about this site I'll see if anyone notices that it has moved the new web address is "" but I guess you know that if you are reading this.

More news of the day is that the Treble Fores Captain Mark Reynolds became a father again, this morning, to a baby girl Olivia Grace.  I understand he maybe having a few breezers to celebrate.

Individual photos are coming and I need to get the stats, from someone, so that I can update the trophy cabinet.


Another year ends and we have crown Mr Robert Burgess the Champion, the first person to be crowned champion twice. After a consistent Friday and Saturday he blew away the competition with 22 points over the last nine holes and they were tough.  Alan Bentley had led the Competition from the start but just came up short after playing two tremendous rounds.

The amazing re sizable maroon jacket was passed on by last years champion Wink.. sorry Gordon Clarke to Robert in an emotional trophy ceremony which ended with tears from a  Bobby Dazzler as he paid his brother the £20 won on a side bet.

A big thank you to all who attended. The Rookies,  Ant "Only a little longer than Grant" Davie, Tim "give me my £4 i laid out on you back" Howells, Kevin "Tuck up" , Mark "I didn't stop smiling all weekend" Tiller and Mark "No we won't forget that putt on the 18th" Eva will be glad to hear that Alan will consider extending it to 28 players next year so they can try and get better nicknames.  Roll on next year

P.S Tell me if you visit the site and want more updates.

14/5/08 Here we go again!

There is only a couple of days before the weekend begins, just enough time for Barry C to get in another 72 practice holes, and for some of us to try and remember where we put those sticks things and work out how to use them, before any of you suggest it I will not stick it up my.....

Anyway we have a few people who aren't attending this year, Keith, Chris, Dave, Richard and Trevor* , they will all be missed but that gives us the chance to bring in some new faces.  I am sure they will all enjoy the weekend and be keen to return next year.

This is the first time we have returned to a course, so the Bentleys must have behaved last time.  Just a word of warning please do not converse with the polish waitress I think she is still waiting for a certain someone to ring her back ;) You can check out the website at (EDITED)

See you there

P.S  Don't forget to buy the webmaster a drink when you see him

*Sorry if i have missed you out or added someone who is coming

15/05/07 Only 362 Days To Go!!!

The end of another chapter of the Bogies and Birdies story ends with one man standing tall, but then again he always did.

Congratulation to the new Champion Gordon Clarke, not the most humble of winners but after coming so close last year he returned to the tour and played a high standard of golf throughout the weekend.  A welcome return for Trevor Fox saw him come a deserved second, pushing Gordon all the way even though he had top get up early every morning to make Barry C's tea and clean his clubs.

Rookie member Dominic Golding performed well even coming second on day two and managed to keep smiling partnering the new champion in the Challenge Cup

Group photos are on the team photos page individual pictures will be up soon (hopefully some didn't come out too well)).  Firstly here is the 2007 Champion Gordon.

02/04/2007 Trophy cabinet updated

Alan Supplied me with a full list of winners for last year so I have added these to the Trophy Cabinet Page.

2007 Programme is Out

This years Bogies and Birdies programme has been lovingly put together by Alan *cough* Dee

For those who haven't got their copy yet they’re in the post. If you don't have one by next week sorry you didn’t make the cut ;)

This website is listed on the front so hopefully we will have a few more people checking the site out.  Feel free to post in the guestbook or preferably in the forums. 

Suggestions (sorry no pictures of naked ladies, polish or otherwise will be added) gratefully accepted. You can email me at

See you in Dorset in a few weeks.

P.S Chris you have got a shirt!!!



Guestbook or Forums?

The freewebs people have now allowed users to create forums for there sites. This is a great way to allow you guys to post statements/comments or questions that others can reply to.  This also creates a more structured way for us to post. 

I have created the Catergories and Forums for you to post within, these can be changed.  The Top one is an example to show you how they work.  Just click on the bold text to go to the forum and post away. 

Please check it out if it catches on I will remove the old Guestbook.  Directions to the Venue for 2007 are now on there

Only Fifty Nine Days to go...

...and finally the photos from last year are up and new look phot pages.  No picture of the BnB Poster boy, yours truly, though..

No doubt you have all had questions hovering around the back of your minds since the final hole last year...

Will Alan be the first person to retain the title?...

Do the All Blacks have bouncebackability?..

What exactly were the rules for the game that involved the yellow ball?....

and what do the Lorne and Alan have against cucumbers?...

Less than two months before these any many more questions will be answered.  Hopefully see you all there.




2007 Venue Announced

Alan has chosen the Bogies and Birdies Golf Society Venue for 2007 It's the Dorset Golf & Country Club.  Lost of details can be found on thier website

The Bentley Clan are |renting a house next to the course for the next six months ans will be spending most weekends down there so if you need any local knowledge email them a .     :D

The dates are 11th - 14th May 2007.  I think most people have now paid obviously the weekend is free for the webmaster

2006 Bogies n Birdies Winner - Alan Bentley

Just been sent this photo so here it goes full results list when I receive it.  Hope you all had fun and congratulations Big Al, that jacket is far better than your sons t-shirt you wore last year!

Eleven Days to go - 2nd May 2006

Alan has sent out the paperwork we all know who we are playing with and at what time. Who will hold themselves together and be wearing that maroon jacket for 2006.  Well it won't be the favourite (points at himself) as I will be moving that weekend shame on me.  Also Trevor won't be joining you no doubt everyone will wish him a speedy recovery so he can keep us smiling next year

I know some of you fancy your chances this year but lets see who you think are the favourites by posting your top three predictions on the Comments Page (who's running the book) I'll start the ball rolling:

1st Alan Bentley - Soz Big Al if I've cursed you
2nd Barry Cockley - He plays TOO MUCH!!!
3rd Gordon Clarke - He keeps telling me he's gonna win it :)


Don't forget to take pictures

2006 Venue Booked - 19 July 2005

I received a text from Mr A Reynolds informing me Alan has booked the Venue for next year.  The Annual event will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th May.

Deposit of £62.50, required to book your place, needs to be sent to Alan a.s.a.p.

Venue is:     
The Park
Nr Bath
BS30 5RN

Very nice website available at

Now try and not drive straight down there and play it :)

Cottesmore 2005 Scores

Check out how good, or bad, you did during the individual stapleford rounds.  With this hole by hole scorecard.

*You will need to have Excel on your computer to view this file.*


Created by Mark Reynolds,  
populated by Adam Reynolds

Individual Shots Finished - 19th May 2005

All Individual shots are now on the Photos page.

I will add photos for the various winners on the Trophy Page. 

If any one would like any photos of the four balls shots please email

Also if any one can help me fill in the gaps on the Trophy page daily winners, longest drive and nearest the pins.  That would be really helpful just email me at the above address.

Bogies and Birdies Wallpaper and Caption Comptetion - 18 May 2005

Darren mentioned that he wanted to get a picture and make it his wallpaper on his PC.   That got me thinking  (yes, it hurt)

So I have created a BnB Wallpaper the quality is much better and thus the file is to large to post here so I had to host it on another site.  If you want to get it click here

Then right mouse button click on the picture and select  "Set as Wallpaper" BINGO

More pics and info coming soon.

Also go to the Quiz page and play the caption competition.

2005 Cottesmore Comes to an End - 9 May 2005

A quick post to say Congratulations to the many winners in this years event. 

A HUGE round of applause for Barry Cockley on winning the singles event and to the All Black for winning the BnB Challenge Trophy.

Pictures and much more will appear on the site very soon.


New Pictures Added - 25 April 2005

Only two weeks to go, so everyone is spending an extra few hours at the range.

Well I have added a couple of individual shots for those who I didn't do before.  Chris Tillcock(s) and Eddie Harniman.

We have the final 24.  A last minute change to the roster sees the very keen Gordon Clarke joining us for the weekend.  I heard he bought half of the stock at the Golf show, last weekend, so watch out.

Keep swinging

Final Countdown

Well it's not long now 60ish days Thats only 62 Shopping days!.

Some people have spent the Winter in golf training camps, you know who you are,  perfecting their swings in hope of bringing home the big one on the 9th May.  Where as I am just about to dust the sticks of and see if they still work.

Alan's and co have been busy sorting out the order of play and more importantly the sleeping arrangements, so the postman will be round soon. 

We will be having at least one BnB virgin this year so be nice boys. 

Oh Yeah Mark (he of such great wit) has blessed us with a New Question. Email the answers to the usual address.
Also another couple of questions from me. Revenge is sweet.

Good Luck everyone I'm off to see if I can remember which end to hold.

P.S  Thanks for all the comments keep them coming

Happy 2005. It's been a while

Get over to the Quiz page we eventually received an answers to the first Question so Number two is up. Good Luck.

I will be adding a list of this years players and extra information soon.


So please resend thank you 

Next Year Venue - Info is here

Grant, I hope you get one of these.  Alan is off on holiday for two weeks and has asked me to let you know that next year has been booked at Cottesmore Golf and Country Club, Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9AT.
He has booked 11 Twin Rooms and 2 single rooms at a cost of £252 per person + £15.00 each for the trophies. The dates are Friday 6th May to Monday 9th May.  All tee times are booked. 
Alan would like a deposit of £30.00 from each player, and an offer of who would like a single room.
I have attached a picture of the place, and the score cards for the courses (Venues Page). Grant, I hope you get one of these.  Alan is off on holiday for two weeks and has asked me to let you know that next year has been booked at Cottesmore Golf and Country Club, Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9AT.
He has booked 11 Twin Rooms and 2 single rooms at a cost of £252 per person + £15.00 each for the trophies. The dates are Friday 6th May to Monday 9th May.  All tee times are booked. 
Alan would like a deposit of £30.00 from each player, and an offer of who would like a single room.
I have attached a picture of the place, and the score cards for the courses.  Hope you can post these onto our web site.
Eddie Harniman

More Stuff Added - 26th May 2004

Individual Pictures have been added. Alan has got a few Courses in mind for next year so will post the details on the site soon!

The picture quality on the photos is reduced to enable the webpage to load quicker.  If you would like any originals please email


Website is HERE ! - 25th May 2004

Another sucessful weekend has come to an end and I agreed to set this up so here it is.

We'll have photos, a winners page, a chat room, a Guest book and Spreadsheets to download

Information about next years events will also appear here and if his kids can get help him maybe some words from Alan B so keep popping in.

Grant Pyper